Why Byron Studios?

Byron Studios provides sound stages, production and construction space for domestic and international Film and TV productions, photo and advertising shoots. The large green / white screen/Cyc is deal for the fashion, advertising and photo industry.  Industry standard sound treatment provides a great music and sound capture environment.

Two co-located, fully air conditioned sound stages provide full flexibility in shooting schedules. There are two large greenroom connected to Studio 2 and a commercial kitchen between Studio 1 and Studio 2. Adjacent to the studios is a 750sqm/8,100sqft secure construction shed. Surrounding the complex then is a further 45,000sqm/11acres of backlot with toilet/shower facilities and various small sheds.  Most of this area has been treated for all weather access and provides the perfect space for Unit, catering and trailer parking with ample power. The Studios have separate entrances and provide full privacy.

Byron Studios is equipped with  1GB synchronous Enterprise class internet connection (fibre), Enterprise class networking and security infrastructure (TPN/MPAA compliance). Byron Studios can offer bespoke data management solutions that can replicate, store, reconcile and deliver dailies from any media to any destination in the world.

Stage 1

1,000sqm | 10,750sqft (Height 10m|33ft)

Stage 2

400sqm | 4,300sqft (Height 4.5m|14.8ft), Large Green Screen/Cyc

Green screen / Cyclorama

20 x 3.6m | 65 x 11.8 ft
green, blue or white

Construction shed

750sqm / 8,100 sqft

Backlot area

45,000sqm /485,000sqft

3 Phase 415V / Single Phase 240V 50Hz, 1 x 63A 3ph Wilco outlet, 12 x Single Phase GPO outlets on wall.
For hire
‍Air conditioning
Stage door
6mH x 4.5mW
Back of house
Available Facilities: Foyer, Production offices, Dressing room, Make-up, Commercial kitchen.
Back lot
45,000sqm/485,000sqft including 750sqm/8,100sqft secure construction shed, toilet/shower facilities, and numerous hardstand locations for unit base / catering / parking.

Srage plan

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